The spider scene in the film ‘Minority Report’, is when the protagonist’s former colleagues have come to his hiding spot to hopefully capture him. John Anderton has had an eye transplanted to help him hide from the authority he was once apart of, so he is still temporarily blind. ‘Spyders’ are sent around the building to read the eyes of all residents. The use of camera shots and non-diegetic sound throughout this scene demonstrates Steven Spielberg’s purpose which is, technology is controlling us rather than the other way around. When we see the use of the camera shot ‘bird’s eye’, the camera travels over through the roof as if imitating surveillance. We are able to see right into their lives and it feels as if the camera is interrupting peoples day to day activities. This camera angle shows the way that technology is always active and constantly taking control in our day to day lives. The non-digetic sound heard in this scene is very intense and associates well with the birds eye shot. The music is low toned and includes fast violin which creates suspense as the spyders travel through the building. As the camera shot moves around and we see different individuals in their rooms, the sound builds with drums and trumpet. It is orchestra like and energetic. The inclusive of this type of music demonstrates the authority that technology has. It is constantly looking over us and takes in information that we give it. The spyders stop each person to look into their eyes to check who they are. Steven Spielberg has done this to demonstrate that we are doing this today. We are giving our information online which comes back to control our lives.

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  1. Look to give a more sophisticated detailing of what the spider scene is. It feels like you’ve rushed straight into it. Also use the model essay I gave you to strengthen your structure.

  2. As you moved through the para you put the 2 cinematography techniques together – but do this for the Bird’s Eye View shot too.

    Hi Zoe,

    You raised some good points in here. I want you to now consider:
    – a societal response – how does the text reflect society? Give specifics and reflect on our world.
    – developing your sentence crafting and the fluidity of ideas – it felt rushed…
    – Give more Y moments throughout and particularly reflect on the effect the director creates for us.
    – Be more pointed in the use of the TWO TECHNIQUES TOGETHER to demonstrate the director’s purpose.

    Keep this in mind when you actually attack your 3.9.



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